Why Choose Ribeiro Motors?

Most of our customers are quite frank about past repair encounters. Despite the wide range of customer and car types, many of the stores are quite similar.

Here are some examples:

  • While the car is in for something minor, customers are presented with an extensive list of other needs. These will usually include “safety” items like brakes or suspension components. If a customer is reluctant to proceed, intimidation of catastrophe may be used to coerce a sale.
  • A maintenance service that is outlined in the service manual expands dramatically in price due to “add-on” items such as fuel injector service, fuel treatment additives, transmission flushing and other items not required nor recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Meet the Specialists

Ribeiro Motors is one of the largest independent service centres in Alberton, and has been in business for the past 31 years. We specialise in all makes of cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles. All workmanship is fully guaranteed and our prices remain competitive.

Toyota & German Car Specialists


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